The Mental Health Benefits of Massage

We live in a world where physical health is always talked about in the media. A lot of times individuals forget about the importance of their mental health. Mental health is just as important, if not more Important than physical health. It is very important for individuals to make sure they are not feeling too anxious, depressed, stressed, or overwhelmed in their lives. Massages are a great way for an individual to benefit their mental health. There’s a great amount of mind-body connection that affects our mental health and a massage can really help an individual’s mental state. Here are some of the ways therapeutic massage can help with anxiety and improve mental health.

Massages Can Help Improve Someone’s Self Image

If someone is always tense throughout the day, they are not going to feel and look as good as they truly could. Someone who is running off of little amounts of sleep, poor food, and tense musscles will quite simply not look as good as those who have their bodies in order. There will be a new light in someone’s face once they have a body that feels the way it really should. Massages are a great way for someone to feel confident about the body that they are in. Their body will not feel out of whack and they will be able to feel much better about themselves.

Massages Can Help with Depression

Arizona Massage

When a body is being massaged endorphins are released. These endorphins can help an individual feel much better very quickly. Human touch is also doing a friend orphans to be released. When someone is feeling depressed massage can really help by letting these endorphins run freely through the body.

The Relaxation Massage Can Lower Stress and Anxiety

When someone is getting a massage, they are in a complete state of relaxation. It is very important for individuals to be in a complete state of relaxation at least a few times a month. This gives their body an opportunity to heal. Not only will their body be healing, but their mind will be healing as well. Relaxation activates the parasympathetic nervous system which allows for organs and muscles to truly heal in the body. There are chemicals that run through our body when we relax that truly help our bodies and minds to heal. When our body is in top condition our minds are able to work at a very productive rate.

Massages Promote Deep Breathing

Chandler Massage

Massages are able to really promote deep breathing. This is going to oxygenate an individuals body. Not only will this oxygenation of the body promote great brain function, but it will allow for a much more relaxed state. Deep breathing can help in high stress and anxiety situations. By simply breathing deeply an individual can maintain a very calm state in a stressful situation. By regularly having massages, an individual will have better habits of breathing. They will never find himself hyperventilating but they will find themselves breathing deeply which will allow for oxygenation of the body, mind, and a greater sense of calm overall.

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